• The Consequences of Earned Income Credit Abuse
  • February 25, 2011
  • A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a single mother who needed some help. This mother had no filing requirement, so she had decided to let the father of her child claim the child on his tax return. When the father went to file his taxes, however, the return was rejected. The reason is that someone had already filed a tax return claiming the child as their own. When I spoke to the mother, she was fairly certain who had inappropriately and illegally claimed her child, but was not certain. Regardless, that person absolutely should not have claimed the child, but did so anyway.

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  • Ordinary & Necessary Business Deductions
  • November 24, 2010
  • Due to a heavy case-load this week and with Thanksgiving tomorrow, this post will be more information than analysis, but hopefully useful for those looking for information on deductible business expenses.

    One might initially think it unfortunate that a comprehensive list detailing all the potential deductible expenses does not exist. Keep in mind, however, that businesses vary, so business expenses will vary as well. The truth is that not having such a list is actually a good thing because it gives businesses more flexibility in deducting expenses. The key for businesses lies in justifying their particular “ordinary” and “necessary” expenses.

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  • Business Use of Home Office Tax Deductions
  • November 15, 2010
  • For this week’s post, I would like to share some basic information on qualifying a home office as the principal place of business. The advantage to doing this comes in the form of allowable tax deductions for business use of the home. Before I begin, please note that there are other ways to qualify for business use of the home deductions, such as storing inventory or using the home as a day care facility, but I want limit the scope of this post to how the vast majority of eligible taxpayers might qualify their home office as a principal place of business.

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  • Health Care Overhaul & Real Estate Taxes
  • November 8, 2010
  • The topic for this post comes courtesy of my mother-in-law who wanted to know how the new healthcare overhaul might affect sales of residential real estate. As I hope to explain in this post, the new healthcare law does not directly impose a tax on sales of residential real estate, but instead imposes a tax on certain investment income, which in real estate parlance is the capital gain, if any, from the sale of real property. For the purposes of this post, we will focus on a taxpayer’s principal residence.Laying the Groundwork

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  • Prop A’s Passage – Effect & Next Step
  • November 5, 2010
  • This past Tuesday, voters in Missouri overwhelmingly passed Proposition A.1 Since then I have had a couple of people ask me two questions – What does that mean and what now? Before I begin, let me add a small disclaimer that this answer does not take into account any action in the courts, either pending2 or contemplated, that could potentially change Proposition A’s effects.

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  • The Taxman Cometh
  • October 25, 2010
  • If I asked you to write down a list of life’s major moments, what would make the list? Did marriage or the birth of your children make it? How about college graduation or your first-home purchase? Rightfully so, such events give cause for celebration and the gathering of friends and family. Often, however, another guest hears about the party. Welcome or not, the Taxman is coming.

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  • It’s Gametime!
  • October 19, 2010
  • Thank you for visiting The Alexander Law Firm, LLC. Construction of the website is finished. The next phase is the gradual addition of information and resources through multiple forms of media. My goal is to make this site a resource for visitors and clients alike, so feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions. Have a tax or small-business question? I might just make it the topic of my next blog entry.

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Alex was a pleasure to work with. He was very clear on what he needed from us and obviously worked closely with the federal government to resolve our issue. He has exceeded our expectations. Scott St. Louis, MO

Alex is an amazing attorney! I really had very little confidence in any attorney and in particular a tax attorney. From the first phone call Alex made me feel at ease and never made me feel embarrassed by letting my tax situation get out of control. He took all the stress away and I am thrilled to say also resolved all of my tax issues quickly. He has gone above and beyond. I would recommend Alex to everyone! Josephine St. Louis, MO

For no other reason than my own need to express my gratitude, I would like to sincerely say thank you to The Alexander Law Firm. Alex has gone above and beyond my expectations and has taken the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I will continue to recommend him to anyone that I know searching for a Tax Attorney even if that may be my Grandmother! Jeremy St. Louis, MO

I can’t begin to express how wonderful my experience with The Alexander Law Firm has been. I came to see Alex with my disabled sister who had a tangled mess of tax issues. A plan was proposed to remedy my sister’s complex tax issues and was put into place as planned. Alex was on top of all issues and was there to answer all my questions. I feel he went over and above the norm. His compassion was greatly appreciated while my sister and I navigated this difficult time. I will continue to retain Alex’s services in the future and would definately recommend him to friends and family. Many thanks. Peggy St. Louis, MO

I presented The Alexander Law Firm with an IRS problem which I felt to be unsolvable. They solved the problem beyond my expectations. I am quite happy with their work and highly recommend The Alexander Law Firm. Tom Columbia, MO

Alex exceeded my expectations in handling my IRS and state tax issues. He is courteous, efficient and gets results. I highly recommend The Alexander Law Firm. Martin St. Charles, MO

This was my first experience in being audited by the IRS. I was extremely nervous as I heard horror stories and didn’t know what to expect. Contacting Alex was the best decision I’ve made. He was precise, knowledgeable, always on top of things and most importantly, he was able to put me at ease. By following his directions and recommendations, I was able to gather all the information necessary for the IRS. Alex was able to lead the entire process smoothly and I ended up with a no charge result. I would highly recommend Alex to be on your side if you are dealing with the IRS. M.N. St. Louis, MO

All my expectations have been exceeded. [The] firm is very easy to work with and I am pleased how my case is going so far. I have no complaints, great service. Eric St. Louis, MO

I had called four tax law firms and left messages and the only law firm that called me back was The Alexander Law Firm. After speaking with Alex about my tax issues, he informed me of the fee and told me that he would be happy to help with my tax problem. Alex kept in contact with me throughout the entire experience. What took me four years, in trying to comply with the State of Missouri, Alex helped and wrapped up in a short amount of time. After all was said and done, he had gotten the state of Missouri to settle for a fraction of what they had said I owed them. I would definitely recommend The Alexander Law Firm to any of my family or friends. Stuart St. Louis, MO

Alex helped me sort out a complicated mix of problems with the IRS and the Sate of Missouri. He could not have been more knowledgeable. He built a clear plan, dealt effectively with all parties involved and helped me get things settled. His focus and calm demeanor made dealing with him a pleasure. I recommend him without reservation. Steve Ferguson, MO

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