When It’s Time To Deal With Your Tax Dispute

You need more than a tax accountant. More than a tax attorney. You need both at the same time—and that’s exactly what you’ll have, when you hire our firm.

We know tax code and tax forms inside and out. And that can make all the difference when it’s time to tell the most effective story possible to the IRS, Missouri Department of Revenue—or the judge.

No one can guarantee results. But we can assure you that we will work hard on your behalf every day. Meeting every deadline. Returning every phone call within 24 hours. And most of all, being your advocate in a complex—and sometimes confusing—world. Let us be your guide.

Facing the IRS for the first time?

We will make it easy for them to understand your story. We know how busy IRS agents are—and what they need to hear to consider your case as favorably as possible.

Concerned about a court date?

We will stand before the judge in your defense. We’ve been there before and know how to present your story in the best light.

Missed a filing deadline?

We know more than a traditional tax attorney about how to overcome it. With our accounting background and knowledge of tax law combined, we are better prepared to help you take the next, best step.

Not sure what to do next?

We will tell you what your rights and responsibilities are. So that together, we can plan your next steps with confidence.

The firm’s focus is in handling disputes with governmental taxing authorities over the amount or collection of taxes owed by an individual or business. Tax controversies begin with a letter of notice from a taxing authority detailing the tax amount in dispute and the reasons behind it. Issues range from simple matters such as providing substantiation (i.e., receipts for expenses) for deductions and credits—to more complicated issues such as interpretation of tax code, which may require appearing before a state administrative board, state court or the United States Tax Court.

If you have a tax dispute, call us now. Every day you wait may only make the problem worse. We can help..

Call us now if you have a tax dispute with:

• United States Tax Court
• United States District Court
• IRS Audits & Examinations
• IRS Offers in Compromise
• Missouri Department of Revenue Individual or Business Tax Matters
• Massachusetts Department of Revenue Individual or Business Tax Matters
• Delinquent and Amended Returns
• Delinquent Payroll Taxes
• Liens
• Levies and Garnishments
• Collection Due Process Appeals

Why you should call now.

The tax code is literally thousands of pages long and subject to seemingly endless interpretation by the IRS, state of Missouri and the courts. You don’t have to face it alone: Call us today.